About Diploma

About the Diploma Program:

An online Diploma in Research Methodology and Ethics; conducted by Al Neelain University in collaboration with the University of Maryland, USA.

The conduct of research has become an integral part of medical and public health practice. In addition, submission of a dissertation is a mandatory requirement of post-graduate degrees in the medical and health sciences. However, conduct of quality research requires adequate competency of research methodology and ethics with emphasis on skills and practical applications. This Diploma program is intended for all candidates who require a strong foundation in the basic competencies in research methodology and ethics in order to be able to conduct quality research.

Academic regulations:

The length of the course is 9 months. In order to be awarded a diploma in research methodology and ethics, the candidates must take a total of 19 credit hours of course work. In addition, the candidates are required to prepare, submit a review article of publishable quality for one of the national, regional and international peer-reviewed journals (3 Credits).  

The Diploma Program is competency-based rather than theoretical-based with active participation of the candidates in the learning process. The course consists of 8 modules. The modules are designed to encourage and facilitate participation and discussion, and open-minded reflection on the research process and central issues of research methodology and research ethics. In addition, the candidates are encouraged to engage to be self-learners during the modules sessions.

Educational objectives:

By the end of the program, the candidates are expected to be able to:

  • Formulate a research proposal
  • Review and analyze critically the literature relevant to the research topic.
  • Describe and apply ethical principles in research involving human subjects
  • Apply the principles of scientific writing with preparation and submission of review article for publication.
  • Prepare and finalize research reports and dissertations.

Credit hours

The Diploma of Research Methodology and Ethics program includes a minimum of        22 credit hours of study.

  • 19 credit hours in studying research methodology and ethics
  • 3 credit hours for the scientific article

The modules mapping:

Module number Module name Credit hours
DRME 1 Introduction to research methodology 2
DRME 2 Study designs and systematic analysis 3
DRME 3 Biostatistics in Research 3
DRME 4 Data collection, management and analysis 2
DRME 5 Scientific Writing 3
DRME 6 Introduction to research ethics  
DRME 7 Responsible conduct of research 2
DRME 8 Ethical review committees, processes and procedures 2

Core Courses:

Module 2: Study designs and systematic analysis

Module 3: Biostatistics in research

Module 6: Introduction to research ethics

Module 7: Responsible Conduct of Research

Module 8: Ethical review committees, processes and procedures

Submission of a Review Article

It is mandatory to achieve a pass level of 60% in all the core courses, failing to pass one of the core courses will mean that you failed the diploma program. It is also mandatory that students participate and engage in all courses. Failing to participate in any course will also fail students.