Diploma of Research Methodology and Ethics

Clik Here examination for admission to the diploma program


The Diploma of Research Methodology and Ethics is a degree granted by Al Neelain University.  The MERETI program at the University of Maryland is a collaborator in this program. The need for Research Methodology and Ethics courses have become evident as the conduct of research nowadays has become an integral part of medical and public health practice. In addition submission of a dissertation is a mandatory requirement of post-graduate degrees in medical and health sciences. However conduct of quality research requires adequate competency of research methodology and ethics with emphasis on skills and practical applications. The program is intended for all candidates require grounding of basic competencies in research methodology and ethics in order to be able to conduct quality research. The course targets all the post-graduate candidates from various disciplines including medicine, public health, laboratory, nursing, social, veterinary sciences as well as researchers and academicians.

The length of the course is expected to be 9 months. In order to be awarded a diploma in research methodology and ethics, the candidates must take a total of 22 credit hours. In addition the candidates are required to prepare, submit a review article for publication in one of the national, regional and international peer-reviewed journals before their final examinations.

The course is expected to be competency based rather than theoretical based with active participation of the candidates in the learning process. The course is expected to be composed of 8 modules. The modules are designed to encourage and facilitate participation and discussion, and open-minded reflection on the research process and central issues of research methodology and research ethics. In addition the candidates are encouraged to be self-learners during the modules sessions and to allow for extra time equal to the formal contact hours.