About Master

The program is organized into seven courses averaging five weeks and a project.

Student assessment processes consist of different methods (individual assignments, workshop participation, presentations, quizzes and final exams) designed to match the respective expected learning outcomes for each block.

Vision:  To be the premier educational program and a program of excellence utilizing advanced concepts of medical education to attract the best students and faculty.

Mission:  The program strives to produce qualified health professional educators with comprehensive structured cognitive, skills, and attitude to contribute to and take a leading position in health professions education and research.


Four values serve as a guideline during the implementation and running of the Masters program.

  • Relevance
    • The program will respond to the priority educational challenges through realizing its educational, research, and services objectives.
  • Quality
    • Our faculty, staff, and students will be committed to the highest standards of quality in medical education.

·         Leadership and teamwork building

    • Our program will enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility among faculty, staff, and students in an interdisciplinary teamwork atmosphere.

·         Scientific creativity

o   The college will encourage the development of new ideas in medical education and research.


Goal: The main goal is to improve the learners' educational methodology, capacity for educational leadership, and educational program.



The program aims at acquiring knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the field of Health Profession Education.