Program Objectives

In general at the end of the program the graduate is expected to:

  • Utilize the new trends in medical education e.g. Problem-Based Learning, Community-Based Education
  • Plan, design, and implement a relevant course for health professionals based on international and national principles of learning with special reference to community-based/problem-based learning;
  • Afford scientifically based advice and help in medical education to teachers, curriculum committees, and management of an educational institution, and to promote implementation of related skills;
  • Reveal effective teaching and communication skills;
  • Show high quality of students’ assessment by using the proper tools.
  • Plan, design, and implement an adequate evaluation and assessment strategy;
  • Develop and enhance the programs of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Continuing medical Education(CME), and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM); andConduct an empirical study on topics relevance to health professional education, and, for that purpose, to formulate a research question, design a study, collect reliable and valid data, perform appropriate statistical analyses, and interpret and report findings.