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Since late 60s medical education became obvious and given more attention since traditional education curricula for health professions education The vast increase in the number of Medical Schools in Sudan and the concepts of changing curricula with innovative ones let the needs for health professional educator to ensure and better planning and implementation of such curricula.

For the abovementioned reasons, renowned universities in the field of educational development worldwide have established their own medical education units, staffed by qualified medical educators to provide educational services, conduct research, and establish educational programs at the level of Masters and PhD.  The College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Al Neelain University is committed to continue this trend in Sudan for the real need for qualified educator in health professional education.

College of Medicine, Al Neelain University has both human & material resources for proper implementation of such program with strong administrative university support. Graduates of this program will play essential role in enhancing education in medical and other health school. This program will prepare competent- graduates to deliver high quality standards/services and method in health professional education.

The program will utilize experts from leading medical education institutes locally and worldwide.

This program focuses on the utilization of advanced and innovative instructional methods, including workshops, seminars, contract learning, group planning, and student-centered strategies.


The program’s delivery is multivariate: through classroom activity, outside projects, and electronic learning. The on-line web site includes the curriculum contents and objectives, course workshop, lectures, references, links, formative assessment, assignments, and a system for student supervision and follow-up.