Available courses

1.      Introduction

This course addresses different organizational structures and corporate and educational cultures, management strategies and various leadership styles and their respective contextual fit. During the 2-day workshop the candidates will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of educational management, organization and leadership. The workshop is planned to be competency-based rather than theoretical with continuous interaction between the candidates and the tutors to facilitate the process of learning. It is necessary to orient the candidates towards educational management as indispensable element of scaling up the quality of education and for moving beyond the traditional roles of academics and values. The remaining sessions of the course will be uploaded in the web site and the candidates can access and learn according to the learning instructions.


·         The educational management and leadership competencies are needed to qualify medical educators capable of effectively and efficiently managing and leading the educational institutions

·         The learned educational management competencies are required to efficiently and effectively manage our limited resources to deliver quality education.

·         The master candidates are expected to train other academic staff members on principles of educational management and leadership. Thus it is of utmost importance to grasp the relevant basic competencies to contribute to capacity building of the human resources within the academic institutions.

2.      Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the candidates are expected to:

·         Recognize the educational management meaning, concepts, aspects and scope.

·         Describe the educational management objectives and functions

·         Discuss the importance of educational management for the academic performance.

·         Discuss the main approaches to organization, structure and management

·         Apply analytical approaches to organization and management using the problem analysis tree.  

·         Use SWOT analysis and other planning tools to develop an education plan

·         Discuss the leadership theory

·         Outline the role of leadership in health professional education

·         Distinguish between educational management & leadership

3.      Course contents

·         Introduction to educational management definition, concepts and scope.

·         Educational management objectives and functions,

·         Main approaches to organization and management.

·         Analytical approach: problem analysis

·         Planning tools

·         Leadership theory

·         Leadership for change in medical education

·         Distinction between leadership and management

4.      Learning methods

·         Lectures

·         Seminars

·         Workshop

·         Assignments 

5.      Learning resources

·         Well prepared Lecture hall for 40 students (Seats, video-visuals, Flipcharts ...etc.)

·         Three tutorial rooms

·         Multi-media

6.      Course assessment

·         Assignment                                                   40%

·         Participation in Workshop                         20%

·         Final written exam                                       40%

·         Total                                                               100%








7.      Tentative program



Session (1)


Session (2)


Session (3)


Session (4)


Session (5)


Day 1



Introduction to the course objectives, description

Prof. Nimeiri

Introduction to educational management definition, concepts and scope. Prof. Nimeiri

Main approaches to organization and management.

Prof. Nimeiri

Analytical approach: problem analysis

Prof. Nimeiri

Group work & Discussion Prof. Nimeiri

Day 2



Introduction to leadership

Dr. Daf Allah

Theory of leadership Dr. Daf Allah

Leadership for change in medical education

 Dr. Daf Allah

Leadership versus management

Dr. Daf Allah

Group work (2) & Discussion

Dr. Daf Allah


8.      References

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